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We’ve helped organizations train their audiences on even the most technical and demanding tasks.


We design and create custom eLearning and mobile learning content based on your organization’s unique training needs. Our high-end interactive projects, videos, simulations, checklists and more are guaranteed to engage users and get the results you’re after.

  • The online workshop is clean, simple and creative. I especially like the idea to take the narrator through the actual partnership discovery/awareness process with a character. And the character animation was really cool. Also Expand was quick! They were always ahead of our reviews on production.

    Stevie Olver, Training and Production Standards , WorldVision

  • Expand took our eight hour training course and condensed it to less than two hours of engaging eLearning, eliminating two days of travel and saving us thousands of dollars.

    Brad Donoho, Program Coordinator Civilian Marksmanship Program

  • I just went through this module, and I think it is FABULOUS! I especially like the tempo; it’s quick enough to keep your attention with pauses in the right places to allow the student to absorb what's been said.

    Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.


Expand Share is more than an eLearning platform—it’s a knowledge revolution. Our software goes beyond basic eLearning to nurture your team on an ongoing basis and gives you the data you need to track compliance and measure effectiveness.

ExpandShare Software
  • Expand Share is Roland’s secret weapon for tapping into our Service Engineers’ skills. Expand helps us ensure they bring their best performance to every client interaction.

    Rick Scrimger, President, Roland DGA

  • Expand has worked with us to create technology we think will be game changing. The smartphone or tablet content engages our moms and will continue to better health and well-being for their new babies. The program’s engaging dialogue style helps patients guide their own learning experience, answers their questions and allows us to get immediate feedback from them. It’s really amazing.

    Michele L. McCarroll, Ph.D., Summa Center for Women’s Health Research

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